60 minutes in < six.

Anybody who knows me at all will tell you that I’m a bit of a DreamBank booster. I’ve posted about this ‘best-kept secret’ several times, and continue to attend as many of their free presentations as I can.


Why? Because they are just so valuable.


Covering everything from introductory social media to advanced sales and marketing concepts, American Family’s Business Accelerator program, curated by Program Director Chris Rudolph, is packed with great speakers presenting excellent content—and thanks to Madison’s own American Family Insurance, DreamBank’s creator and sponsor, every single one of those sessions is FREE.


So imagine my delight in getting the call from Chris regarding a speaking slot opportunity. It’s like getting called up to the big leagues—and I was ready. Tuesday, July 11 was the day, and my NonFiction Branding™ approach was the topic. And it went really well, as you can see for yourself below.


It was a bit of a challenge to take an hour’s worth of content and condense it into a highlight video of just over six minutes, but it gives you a Cliff’s Notes dehydrated version that captures the gist of the presentation pretty well.


I hope you’ll take a look, and please forward it on to anyone who might like to host the full version live. Have a speaking slot to fill? Let’s talk.




Yeah, the whole video is over 6:30, but the presentation part is about 5:02, so I happily claim victory!


– D.P. Knudten > Chief Collaborator > COLLABORATOR creative

  ©2017 D.P. Knudten / COLLABORATOR creative – all rights reserved




D.P. Knudten, the Chief Collaborator at COLLABORATOR creative, is a ~25-year veteran in advertising and marketing. Providing everything from freelance copywriting; content marketing strategy, creation, execution; and his NonFiction Branding™ system, D.P. collaborates creatively to identify, craft, and tell the true brand stories of complicated products, services, and companies throughout the United States.


D.P.’s presentations are filled with real world case studies, interesting anecdotes, and provocative insights—and make for an entertaining and informative session for any conference or meeting.


Available presentations include:


• NonFiction Branding™ —Know who you are, so you can be it.


• I AM NOT A COMMODITY —Branding for the highly accredited, and unfortunately commoditized, professional.


• Right Start your Start-up —Discovering the Right Messages to Build your Budding Brand.


• Culture Chicken/Brand Egg —Which comes first?



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