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  • Every image tells a story.
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Meet D.P. Knudten • Chief Collaborator / COLLABORATOR creative

D.P. Knudten • Chief Collaborator

I’m a creative guy by nature and nurture. While my brain tends toward the written word, I really enjoy playing in the intersection of the Venn diagram between the visual and verbal. I believe it’s always important to think strategy before wasting time on tactics. I believe in asking better questions first to get better creative later. And I believe the best ideas don’t mean squat if they don’t move people or product


COLLABORATOR creative is the d.b.a. that’s really D.P.K. doing as I’ve always done; collaborating, concepting, copy writing, and creatively directing work to get the very best product & results possible.


Need ideas, copy, strategy, or a completely “outside of your box” POV? Let’s COLLABORATE.

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Coaching & Consulting

There are times when all you really need is an experienced wall to bounce ideas off of. Or maybe a consigliere who can come in, hear your challenge, then work with you to create a sound strategic and tactical plan for handling it. Whether on retainer or strictly as needed, I do exactly that—and more. First step? 608.469.8453

NonFiction Branding™

Every entity needs founding documents.
A “Constitution of the United State of YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE.”
Don’t have one? Don’t worry, COLLABORATOR’s BRANDNature™ system creates such documents based on your true nature, giving you a same page for all your employees, products, and services to be on.

Idea Generation

Where do ideas come from?
“All hands to the conference room” group gropes?
Not in my experience.
Idea generation requires focus, discipline, and a proven ability
of producing highly viable ideas in quantity and actually actionable quality.
Need a dynamic jolt out of the proverbial box? 608.469.8453

Creative Direction

Creative direction is all about never losing
sightof the brand’s big picture.
Creative direction requires one to be
part bad cop, part taste maven, and part perky cheerleader
to make sure every project moves
in one consistent, disciplined direction: the brand’s.


Branding lays the foundation.
Marketing strategy identifies the target.
But it’s copywriting that seals the deal.
And it isn’t just word arranging either.
Good copywriting interests, engages, persuades—
and is read to the end (which you just did).


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  • Phone: 608.469.8453
  • Email: dpk@collaboratorcreative.com